Colleges & Majors of Uniontown’s Seniors

With Graduation fast approaching, many seniors are making final decisions on majors and picking the schools they would like to attend. Choosing what to do for the rest of your life can be a tough decision, but many Uniontown Seniors seem to have it all figured out. This year’s 2020 graduating class consists of many different future colleges and paths.

Listed below are the names of seniors who have found their future passions and schools:
Tye Berdar, Laurel Business Institute – Computer Software/Digital Media Design
Sarah Maldovan, Duquesne University – Nursing (BSN)
Nolan Ranker, Penn State Fayette – Electrical Engineering
Luke Smearcheck, Penn State Fayette – Mechanical Engineering
Noah Trimmer, West Virginia University – Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering
Mya Murray, Brown University – Biology/ Varsity Basketball
Ashlyn Barcheck, Saint Francis University – Physicians Assistant
Abigail White, Penn State Fayette – Veterinary/Biomedical Sciences
Maggie Thompson, Frostburgh State University – Nursing
Emily Parker, California University of Pennsylvania – Elementary Education (Full Scholarship Recipient)
Daleny Davis, Penn State Fayette – Business
We wish these seniors only the best as the pursue their future careers.


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