Commercial, Country, or Core

Commercial or Pop music: modern commercial music, usually tuneful, up-tempo and repetitive, that is aimed at the general public and the youth market in particular.
Known pop artists are Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, and etc.
The Pros of Pop Music are:
  • The music is rather upbeat
  • Other people say it is easily accessible
  • Some people say it is good music to work out to, the tempo keeps you hyped and pumped for your workout
  • The music is repetitive, so it is easier for people to learn and sing along to

The Cons of Pop Music are:

  • Most of the music is auto-tuned which hides the talent of the artist, which is what most people look for
  • The songs are demeaning, vulgar, and is under-laid with messages not suitable for children, which is its prime age target
  • The artists, dress in border-line clothing, and act with borderline sense sending the message to “be yourself” but not in the appropriate manner

My opinion personally is that I do not enjoy pop music. I feel that the music is mainstream and that the artist cover their talent with auto-tuned, studio produced sound. Most of this generation listens to pop music. The faces of pop music are not suitable role models for the children that look up to them. Their is a difference between dressing and acting unique and dressing inappropriately and acting senseless. I will agree that the music is upbeat and has fun tempos, yet the hidden messages and the trick word play is not suitable for the children it targets. For example, my sister was walking around singing a song by Rhianna, one of her favorite artists. I was appalled when my sister sang a part of the song that was inappropriate but worded in a way that was not understandable to the younger generation. That is not something I want my 9 year old sister singing!  My opinion on pop music is not that high, but what you listen to is your choice.

Country Music: Popular music based on the folk style of the southern rural United States or on the music of cowboys in the American West. Also called country and western.  Known country artists are Hunter Hayes, The Band Perry, Tim McGraw, Lady Antebellum, and etc.

The Pros of Country Music are:

  • The music is very emotional, and has a strong message behind it
  • The variety of it is incredible, it blends a mixture of new artists and older artists
  • The music is scattered so you can listen to different tracks all day instead of one song repeating multiple times
  • A lot of people enjoy the easily deciphered meaning behind the videos, instead of videos in other genres that makes no senses.

The Cons of Country Music are:

  • A large majority of the music is rather sad, slow, and depressing
  • The newer items are becoming less inspirational and more vulgar
  • The newer items stray from country and are headed to more of a pop-ish feel, taking away the country fact of the songs by adding auto-tune instead of true instruments.

My opinion about country music is split. I am a fan of the older country artists. There are only a few newer artists that I enjoy, due to the fact that country is becoming more like pop.  The newer stuff is more vulgar and less inspirational.  My parents listen to country a lot and I believe that is where I get my like for the older artists. Most of the genre can be rather depressing, but that is something I like. Country music is realistic, it covers everything. From the bar-b-ques on the 4th of July, to the tragedy of losing your mom to cancer. I personally want the new artists to sit back and study true country music and to bring pop out just a little bit. So all in all I enjoy some country music. After all, everyone has a little country in their blood.

Core Music: A combining form extracted from hard-core  and used especially to form words that name a rebellious, anti-mainstream lifestyle, social movement, type of music, etc.: Hardcore; Glamcore.  Some different known core bands range from We Came as Romans, Upon This Dawning, Black Veil Brides, Motionless In White, and R.E.D.

The Pros of Core Music are:

  • The lyrics are inspirational and have meaning
  • The music is not auto-tuned and use all talent to make it in the music industry
  • They send positive messages, and dress appropriately
  • The music is based on intense emotions and have a positive effect (on most people)

The Cons of Core Music are:

  • The music is somewhat loud and obnoxious, due to the type of vocals known as screaming
  • Some of the artist tend to have a “negative” attitude to those who dislike their music
  • Some lyrical and video content is graphic and disturbing

I’m personally a fan of core music. I enjoy it because it is pure talent and emotion. They put across a message to be yourself in a manner that is respectful. I feel that many people are turned off by the look and sound of core music. Yes, core band members and listeners tend to wear darker colors and are more anti-social, but that is not because of the music it is a personal choice. I understand that core music can be loud, but to say all core music is loud is stereotypical. There are a branch of core bands that do little to no screaming at all.

Each genres has its own Pros and Cons. Everybody has their music preference.  I believe everyone has a chance and right to have their own opinion, but I do not feel that gives you a right to knock on someones musical choices. So keep calm and listen to music, and let us know what your favorite genre is by commenting below.


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