Corona Takes Control

The whole world is freaking out over the Corona Virus. Stores are selling out of necessities. Colleges are suspending students from being on campus. Some schools are closing for periods of time. Big events are being cancelled. Everyone is taking precaution.

Many colleges across the US have suspended the students from their campuses. Now its going to public school, many schools are closing for periods of weeks at a time. But it doesn’t stop there, many after school activities are being cancelled as well. Musicals are being cancelled. Spring sports are being cancelled until April. Field trips are being cancelled as well.

As you go to different stores you will see the empty shelves. People are stocking up on food, soap, and other necessities making the shelves bare. Many people are also stocking up on hand sanatizer and cleaning supplies, trying to keep themselves in the clear. If your going to stock up, now is the time. The important thing to remember is to try to not panic and just stay calm.

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