Covid 19 has affected everyone in different ways. We all now have to adjust to what we can all agree is the new normal in our daily lives. We can no longer freely go places and breathe the air naturally. We must all wear masks in order to protect ourselves as well as others from becoming ill. Everyone now has the option to work from home depending on their jobs, frontlines unfortunately don’t have the privilege because their main focus as of right now is to help and serve. To maintain the virus and possibly cure anyone who had it. If exposed a person must quarantine themselves for 10-14 days before being bake to return to society. This helps to decrease the spread of the virus. Schools have now given their students the option to either be remote to where the do their schooling online, or to be in person in which every ten days these students also go remote in order to sanitize the school for the students and the staffs safety.

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