In the Midst of COVID-19

Corona-19 has effected so much of our lives this year alone. There have already been 200,000 cases in the United States, and more so now with people not taking as many precaution. The first month we had to deal with this virus everything got shut down. People have lost their jobs and some are still unemployed to this day.

Throughout these past seven months we’ve known of the virus, it has changed the entirety of our economy. We had to go on lockdown for about a month and, crazily enough, had a toilet paper shortage in the midst of it. Many essential items were going out of stock, and we had a change shortage a few months back in most shops and restaurants.

The disease spreads via saliva or discharge from the nose. The most noticeable symptoms of the virus are shortness of breathe and a wheezing cough. If you are contaminated then you have to be in quarantine for about 14 days. Everyone has to wear masks out in public to slow the spread of the virus. The virus first started effecting older people but now it’s effecting younger generations as well: adults, teenagers, children. It has majorly effected the world as we know it, and will only continue to get worse if we don’t take the proper precautions.

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