COVID Deaths Reach 500,000 in the US

The United States has finally started vaccinations for COVID-19, however the deaths haven’t stopped. We’ve now reached 500,000 which is very unfortunate. In a couple weeks it will be a year since everything changed. Schools, small businesses, sporting events, and restaurants… all shut down. No one would have ever guessed that within a year the death number would be at 500,000.

At the White House, President Joe Biden held a ceremony for those who passed away from COVID. There were 500 candles lit for the ones who died. The song “Amazing Grace” played. Joe Biden gave a speech to the American people. In his speech he said, “The people we lost were extraordinary.” I think we can all agree with that because they were fighting for their lives. The United States has the milestone for most deaths from COVID. It’s a heartbreaking feelings knowing that we lost t a lot of people from Coronavirus.

The virus has gotten better since the vaccines were shipped in. The cases have been slowing down and people have gotten vaccinated. The deaths have slowed down as well but they’re still going up. It’s unfortunate that they are but we all need to do our part and prevent the deaths from going up. That includes wearing a mask, keeping your distance, washing hands, and staying home unless you need groceries or other important needs.

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