Crash bandicoot It’s About Time Game Review

This is a new game in the crash bandicoot franchise and it is a very good one. From new masks and new graphics to the amazing new characters you can play as. You can play as the old bosses and as some of the new bosses. It is a very challenging game even if you don’t put it on the retro mode that limits your life’s. But you can also play the normal mode which doesn’t limit your lives and you restart from checkpoints.

There is also a couple of new modes to the game like N. Sane mode where you play the levels again and can collect even more gems to unlock skins. And there is a bandicoot battle mode where you can play with up to 4 people. You can either do a timed challenge or a crate challenge and see who can break the most crates. You can go from the swamp to an evil fortress. And you can also go into the secret places with colored gems you find in certain levels.

It is a very fun game to play through and to try on the retro mode because for some people they like the challenge. You might get mad a lot but the ending is worth it and it’s worth getting the satisfaction of doing it old school. Like how all the other crash games were. This game was worth the wait. And it was a great sequel to the first game.

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