Creative Cloud Studio Due for an Upgrade

Mrs. Marzano, along with students from her classes, share excitement at the announcement of a massive upgrade to the computer systems in her classroom. For years, the lab has been using outdated computers to complete tasks not fit for the hardware. Uniontown High School, along with other local districts, has been granted money to purchase new computers through a program that is dedicated to providing equipment to schools with STEM and other creativity programs.

Powerful computers are a must-have in an environment like the studio. Students use intensive software like Premiere Pro and Photoshop to complete their projects. These softwares require computers that have powerful CPUs, GPUs, and lots of memory. The school has decided to purchase the new line of iMacs from Apple. These machines are more than capable of handling the tasks that the students need to complete.

Because the machines are Apple products, they will integrate extremely well with the rest of the ecosystem the school has already been establishing. The computers will be able to seamlessly connect to and share files between other computers, student iPads, and iPhones through airdrop. These new machines will offer massive advantages in processing time, convenience, and ease of use for students.

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