CTI Clinicals Q&A with Alyssa Bella

Q: What is Clinicals?
A: Clinicals is a CTI thing where the nursing students go to a nursing home and take care of patients.

Q: What’s the best and worse thing you’ve done at clinicals?
A: So I can’t describe to much because of privacy laws but the worst is when someone doesn’t want you to do what you’re meant to do and get mean about it, but they’re never violent; the best is meeting everyone and learning their stories! They had long amazing lives!

Q: Would you recommend this program?
A: Yes! Its a lot to do but you learn a lot and you do have a lot of fun!

Q: What have you done at clinicals?
A: We do plenty of things: feeding them, transporting them somewhere else in the facility, giving them bed baths and/or giving them showers/ baths, ect.

Q: Do you enjoy CTI?
A: Yes, very much so.

Q: What interested you in the CTI health program?
A: I’ve always wanted to take care of people and my mom brother and step dad were big inspirations.

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