Currents Problems with COVID

Recently, many kids have been sent home because of COVID related issues. Whether they actually had it or were around someone had it, this absenteeism could pose many problems for our students.

Some of our students have been contact traced 3+ times this year and sent home to quarantine. This is causing many of our students to fall behind on their school work. Many people when they come back have tests to make up but were when those topics were taught. Students grade may be suffering, especially now, at the end of a semester with little time to make up missed work.

Many students are concerned about the possibility of moving to remote learning temporarily. This worked for some students, but many fell behind and became depressed because they couldn’t talk to many of their friends. Before taking such a drastic measure, a good idea would be to put another mask mandate in place. This could slow down the amount of people being sent home. Getting vaccinated is also a good way to protect yourself as well, but it is your choice to get it. Hybrid learning is also an option, but it can be inconsistent and concerning for students.

Overall, COVID is really affecting the lives of students. We are feeling uncertain about our futures and the nature of what school is going to be like for us.

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