Dave Chappelle Under Criticism Again

Dave has never been a stranger to controversial comments and jokes, and he has been receiving some hate for his comments since he first started doing his comedy on TV. His new special was called The Closer and was suppose to be his last show for a while before he took some time off again. During the show he talked about lots of things but some people feel like he was ridiculing transgender people in some of his jokes.

He talked about J.K. Rowling and her comments saying gender is a fact, and he defended her as well as saying people are mad at DaBaby for the wrong reasons and that in this country you can kill a man in Walmart but you can’t hurt gay people’s feelings without being canceled. He told a story or two about some transgender women but they were obviously jokes for the show, but even the Netflix manager is getting a lot of hate for allowing the show.

Dave even in the show says that he has no problem with normal transgender people and that all people are equal. People are saying that Dave only makes his money making by making fun of “suffering” groups when that’s what he has done the most even making fun of lots of black people and whites almost the most. In the shows he said he problem was with the white people and he has shown it though his career but it’s a COMEDY special where he is suppose to say outrageous things to make you laugh.

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