Devious Lick Challenge

The Devious Lick Challenge is when a student steals school property. Its ruining our school districts and making our school have to buy more appliances. The challenge all started on a app called TikTok. It first began with a student stealing a soap dispenser. Next with a bathroom stall door. Students are even taking the schools toilets. Its getting out of hand.

What is The Devious Lick Challenge?

The devious lick challenge is a challenge where students are stealing school property. The devious lick challenge is provoking thief’s and school vandalism. Students are taking things like bathroom mirrors from their school. I even heard of a student going to a football game and taking a teachers car tire. It is mostly public schools that are doing this “challenge”

How is it effecting our school districts ?

It is effecting schools because students need things like mirrors, soap dispensers, toilets, and toilet stall doors. Its been on TikTok and news services that schools are warning parents about this “challenge”. The fact that students are recording while they’re stealing school property shows that most of the students don’t care that they are committing a crime. A guilty offender can face up to five years in prison. They could also get up to a $10,000 fine. A guilty party, which means multiply students can face up to $15,000.

The overall idea of this challenge is NOT TO DO IT.

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