Do the Steelers Have What it Takes?

Pittsburgh’s season has started off quite interesting. Yes, they may have a winning record, but that doesn’t mean everything is clicking like it should be. Even though there might be some injuries here and there, those guys filling in need to know how to step into that role, and play it well. Sunday’s matchup is a perfect example of how the team has some work to do, and progress to fill.

Sunday’s game against the Lions was a very questionable performance by the Steelers. Before I say anything else, I will make it known the Lions were 0-8 coming into this matchup. Anyways, the Steelers ended tying Detroit 16-16. Pittsburgh is now 5-3-1 and Detroit is now 0-8-1. Even though Ben was out, Rudolph should’ve been able to step up in that situation. First of all, it’s a home game, the team you’re playing isn’t all that great, and you manage to do that? Get him out.

Overall, Pittsburgh hasn’t been clicking, and it’s starting to really effect their season in a big way. They have a big matchup this weekend against the Chargers. Los Angeles is 5-4 coming into this, but they have a good run offense, and Pittsburgh’s run defense isn’t all that great. If they manage to stop him, then they have a good chance at winning.

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