Donda Is Finally Here

Rap star Kanye West has released his 10th studio album and it is titled Donda after his mom who passed away. It was released on Sunday 8/29/20, and on that day it broke the record for the most downloaded album in a day ever on Spotify. It has a projected 350 million sales by the end of the week which would also break the record for the most downloaded to album in a week. On apple music it has reached number 1 in 157 counties and the album has every curse word censored on the whole album which is very different from everyone else.

Before the album was released he was living in Mercedes Benz Stadium and had rented the entire stadium out so only he would be there. After about a week of living there he hosted two listening parties in the stadium and they sold out immediately. During the show Kanye would run around and perform with a mask on his face but he didn’t actually rap any of the songs they only played the soundtrack. Right before he released the album he held a third listening party in Soldier Field which was live so people who weren’t there could watch.

The third party was done with a old house sitting in the middle of the area which Kanye was rapping from and he then had DaBaby and Marilyn Manson come out on the porch of the house with them. DaBaby has been dropped my multiple concerts and shows due to some of the statement he has said but it seems like Kanye doesn’t care about the backlash. Also after the album was first released Kanye posted on Instagram saying that he did not want it to be released and that his label didn’t listen to him when he said to wait. But he had also released three different dates of when it was supposed to be released so I think they had to release it.

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