Drinking and Driving

Millions and millions of people have suffered from drinking and driving or has had an accident with a drunk driver. It’s sad that many people choose to get into their car after being intoxicated, and even people let them drive and are in the car with the driver. It won’t even be adults, it can be teens too with going out. One of my friends that I’ve known throughout middle school was in an accident caused by a drunk driver. Thankfully no serious injuries, bit did get a huge bruise.

I know it has been talked about before but I think there should be more education on alcohol and driving. My health class had a section that was about alcohol and how it can ruin your life or others. During that section there was not much about being behind the wheel. For how dangerous drinking is itself alone, it can do more damage while driving.

I was a little shocked that the teacher didn’t go much into drinking and driving, and I understand parent especially need to tell their kids and educate them more about drinking and driving. Not even just crashes are bad enough, you can easily get a DUI and could ruin many opportunities in life with a DUI, or even you can take someone else’s life away while being behind the wheel drunk.

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