Driving Age

There seems to be a lot of debate about what the legal driving age should be. Some believe having teens as young as 16 out on the road is dangerous while others believe that waiting for teens to turn 18 before letting them drive is waiting too long. There are plenty of arguments that could be made for either side, so I’ll list a few and just let you decide how you feel about the topic for yourself.

The current driving age in Pennsylvania is 16. I, personally, believe this age is too young. However, getting your drivers license at this age could be ideal for some since it is around this age that people may start getting jobs and working. Getting your license at this age allows you to drive yourself to your job without having to work around your parents schedules. Some may reason that a 16 year old is to irresponsible to be on the road, but if someone is that irresponsible, do you really think their parents would allow them to get their license? The answer is no. At least most parents should have the common sense to realize when and when not their child is ready to take such a big step in life. If their parents decide to go against their instincts, though, and let their child take the test, then the tester is qualified enough to decide whether or not your child is capable of safely driving on their own.

If you really believe your child is too young to drive, then wait until you feel they’re more responsible to get their license. There is no law that you child has to get their license at 16. Just that they’re capable of doing so. If your child truly isn’t ready yet, then I’m sure there is a relatively low possibility of them even passing their drivers test, let alone really getting out there and on the road.

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