Eagle Scout Luke Smearcheck

Luke Smearcheck is a Junior here at Uniontown High School. In Luke’s Freshman year he finished his Eagle Scout Project and decided to use it for his senior project as well. His project consisted of putting in a flag pole at his church, the St. Francis of Assisi.

Although the project took a total of three days to complete, the flag will be standing tall in front of the church for many years to come. Lukes dad helped him with part of the project and they had a good time putting it together.

Luke has been in boy scouts for over 10 years and will still be in boyscouts until he’s old enough to rank out of it. He may go on to be a leader when he’s too old to be a boyscout. Scouts has helped Luke in different ways such as making friends with new people, not only in his troop, but when they meet other troops too. He has learned very useful first aid and survival skills from meetings and camping trips. When his troop goes on camping trips they learn a new skill every time. They make fires, cook different foods, do archery, and many more.

Boy Scouts is a good activity for boys between 8 and 18 to be a part of. They’ll learn new skills and when they do their eagle project they’ll get recognition from people in high places.

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