Effects of Covid-19 on Student Athletes

This new virus has ceased the athletic lives of many student athletes. The state governments opted to cancel all athletic practices and competitions completely and indefinitely. Many can’t even practice at home because they lack the equipment to do so. While of course you can go outside not only is the weather unsuitable there are other people out there making it difficult to practice social distancing as well as getting any exercise.

It is especially disappointing for our best athletes and seniors for which this was their last athletic season. For them an event of this nature is unprecedented and there is no way to cope. Will they give them another shot? Then there are the athletes who were state bound to compete. What happens to them? Will colleges red-shirt players, leaving less room for incoming freshman to make the team? Another issue is the next season. Will there even be another season? These are the questions our government simply does not have answers to in this uncertain time.

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