Effects Of The War In Ukraine

At this point everyone has heard about Russia invading Ukraine. If you don’t here’s a quick rundown. On February 24th Russia invaded Ukraine and now here we are in April and the war is continuing. Soldiers from both countries are fighting for their life and their country.

With the war comes effects and possible future effects. Already gas prices have sky rocketed. Around six months ago a gallon of gas cost $3.30 and now it’s up to $4.20. This effects all drivers around the country. This includes students, working adults, elders, etc. The gas prices went up because Russia produces fuel as one of their exports. This could in turn continue to affect our economy because most people have to drive to work. If they don’t have money to purchase gas that means they can’t drive to work to make more money.

Russia is also currently restricting travel. In this article they explain that at this point it is unsafe and not worth traveling to Russia with this war that’s happening . Current citizens are being directed to immediately exit Russia. U.S. credit and debit cards no longer work in Russia. Who knows how or when this war will end. We are all going to continue to be affected by it.

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