End of an Era

The end of an era seems to be a very common phrase said when the subject of NFL Quarterbacks is talked about. So many of us grew up watching and admiring these quarterbacks. Currently there are only a few early 2000s Quarterbacks and just a few players overall left. The league and the numbers just seem to get smaller and smaller as we enter the final stage of the 2021-2022 NFL season with the Super Bowl less than a week away.

The two most recent Quarterbacks that have officially retired are the Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback of 18 years, Ben Roethlisberger. Ben Roethlisberger or “Big Ben” as many players and fans knew him. Big Ben was a two time super bowl champion winning in his second season over the Seahawks in Super Bowl 40 and again he would lead the Steelers to the Super Bowl in 2009 for Super Bowl 43 where they would make one of the most incredible come backs against the Arizona Cardinals to win another Super Bowl for Pittsburgh. This wouldn’t be Bens final super Bowl, because in 2012 he would make it all the way, but would take a heart breaking defeat to Aron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

Big Ben sadly would never make it to the Super Bowl again, but in his career he has done a lot more than just win some super bowls he has also earned a spot to be viewed as a top tier Quarterback as time and time again he was found doing outstanding things. Like how he was one of the youngest quarter backs to go to consecutive Pro-Bowls. Over all Big Ben has had an amazing career but as of January 28, 2021 Ben Roethlisberger has officially announced his retirement leaving the question in the air who will lead the Pittsburgh Steelers now after all the years of Ben leading them.

The other retirement I mentioned and almost the most surprising retirement has to come from the seven time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady a man who has made quite the legacy for himself. Tom holds the most records of any Quarterback or player in the NFL as he has been seen dominating the league for 22 Seasons reaching the super bowl nine times during his career only ever losing two of them. Tom Brady has been known for having a great time playing for New England where he would get six of his seven super bowl rings with his last coming from his first of his two seasons when he would play with the Buccaneers witch is also where he would finish his career breaking the hearts of many as we saw him walk of the field not knowing it would be his last time. Brady was thought to most likely play another season but he decided not to continue his NFL career on the field any longer. In an interview in the days following his retirement Brady talks about how he is feeling how he is slowing and wishes not to injure himself and to be able to just enjoy his life with his family from here on out. This is also the last time we have seen him on air so it seems he will be doing as he says and focusing on his home life and family.

A few other retirements have happened in the last few years regarding NFL Quarterbacks like Payton and Eli Manning, two successful Quarterbacks over the years though as of January 24th, 2020 Eli would announce his retirement after playing 4 years without his brother in the league as Peyton manning would retire at the end of the 2016 season after he said he felt his arm slowing and having trouble doing what he needs it to. These 2 were highly spoken of players on and off the field due to the amount of charity work they did and donations they gave to various non-profit organizations. These players are still doing lots of great things off the field and it seems they don’t have a plan to stop any time soon. The last player that I believe truly marks the end of a era with their retirement is Drew Breese the Former Quarterback for the Chargers but more known for his time with the Saints. Drew was a second round pick in the 2006 Draft as he was picked up by the Chargers as the 32nd overall pick making him the first pick in the second round of the 2006 draft. Brees has seem lots of success over the years as we have seen him win 1 Super Bowl in witch he would throw for over 300 yards during the game giving him the MVP award. Brees has also been in 13 Pro Bowls in 20 years witch is unreal. Overall Drew Brees has seen one of the most successful careers in NFL history and along with every other Quarterback I just mentioned is now just awaiting to be inducted to the hall of fame.

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