End of the School Year Events

With the school year coming to an end, there are a couple of important dates to look out for. For example, we have a couple days off here and there, graduation is coming, and the last day to submit any assignments and finish your finals is closer than you think!

One of the most special nights of a senior’s last school year will be happening Friday, May 13. Prom!! After that, the next two weeks begins Keystone testing for Algebra (5/16 – 5/18), Literature (5/19 – 5/20), and Biology (5/23 – 5/24). In that time frame, there is also an Act 80 day (5/17) and the UAHS Awards Night (5/18 @ 6pm). Seniors are to turn their iPads in on May 26, and then their last day of attendance is May 27. Then we have another day off for Memorial Day (5/30). Graduation practice will be held at 9am the following day (5/31).

Every year we have the day before the last day off, and that will be on June 1st this year. So that means our official last day is June 2nd. That day will end with the graduation ceremony of UAHS’s class of 2021-2022 seniors!

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