Espresso Yourself Café Turns Ten

Once a week for the past ten years, students have gone into school, and rushed to the hall to buy their favorite drink from the Coffee Shop. Espresso Yourself Coffee Shop has been the highlight of the week for many students. They would order their coffee, hot chocolate or tea then wait for the moment they would receive their hot beverage that would be carefully sipped throughout first period. This year we celebrate ten years that the coffee shop has been opened, Mrs. Hough and her entrepreneurship classes have upheld the hard work, dedication, and values of both Uniontown and Espresso Yourself Café in the past and they will continue to do so in the future.

Do not let the name “Espresso Yourself” fool you, the Coffee shop offers more than just coffee. The Coffee Shop also Sells hot chocolate, tea, and cappuccinos. While those are just base options, there are many customization options available like sugar, the kind and amount you would like, as well as creamer flavor and amount. You can also add whipped cream or marshmallows to any order. All orders are available in a 12 ounce for a dollar, or a 16 ounce for a dollar and fifty cents.

The Coffee Shop is run by the entrepreneurship class, and is an elective anyone can choose. The class through Coffee shop understands the inner workings of a business, they run the shop and get to look at its finances. Mrs. Hough makes the experience fun and educational for the customers and employees. The Coffee Shop is well loved by students, teachers and faculty alike.

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