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“The best part of waking up is Espresso in your cup.” That is the slogan for the new school coffee shop next to the auditorium at Uniontown High School. The small coffee shop,  Espresso Yourself,  started last year as a project for the accounting class to learn the basics of business. It not only showed the students how to run a business, but grew into a new entrepreneurship course. A select few students in this entrepreneurship class will work a certain week and the following week it will be different group, so it represents being on a work schedule. There are currently 17 “employees” that are split into three different teams.

“The students learn teamwork and work responsibility.” says Mrs. Hough. Mrs. Hough is the sponsor and plans to have the coffee shop open every Thursday during an extended homeroom when students have time and are not missing class. The goal of this coffee shop was to, first, pay off all starting costs then make a profit. Last year, the coffee shop made over $700. The money, in turn, will be used for school events such as dances, funds, and other occasions. It benefits the entire student body.  Student Erin Lohr stated, “I feel the coffee shop is a great experience to learn responsibility and how to manage money.”

Workers prepare cups of coffee for customer.
Students line up for their morning Java.


Uniontown High School online school newspaper Tomahawk Talk

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  1. The coffee was delicious, I ordered hazelnut and it was great. I love the way the people behind the counter are nothing but smiles when serving you your coffee.:)

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