Evan Townsend First Year Varsity Quarterback

Evan Townsend is a senior at Uniontown Area High School. This is his first year playing football and he is our varsity quarterback. We Interviewed Evan about his experience on the football team. This year has been a special season for our team with our first win in a six year losing streak.

Q: Was it hard to learn a new sport completely?
A: “In some ways it was difficult because I had to learn the details of the sport. I already knew some information because I have been a football fan my whole life.”

Q: How does it feel to play an important position with no prior football experience?
A: “It can be stressful especially as quarterback because you have to manage the team on the field and make sure everyone is in the right spot.”

Q: Do you feel pressure as the quarterback?
A: “Yes, there can be a lot to handle with learning new plays and getting ready to go against other teams.”

Q: Do you find that the team has more confidence in their skills now that they have won a game?
A: “Yes, I think that helped the team a lot, and I think that will help the team in the years to come.”

Q: How do you feel about the upcoming game Saturday?
A: “This game Saturday is going to be tough because Brashear has a good football team, but if we play how we know we can, we can come out with a win.”

Q: Do you think this year’s football season will encourage more kids to play football for the school?
A: “Yes I think us being able to win this year will motivate more of the students to try out for football.”

Q: Anything you would like to add?
A: “Go Red Raiders!”

Good luck to Evan and the football team this Saturday!

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