Exhilarating First Debate

This past Thursday, February seventeenth, the Uniontown Debate Team attended their first in-person debate in two years. While some of the girls had attended online events last year this was a first for all of them. The team consists of Haylie Truly (furthest left), Lizzie Perkins (second left), Isabelle Jones (middle), Sadie Harvey (second right), and Julia Mills (furthest right). Their coach is Mr. Svokos (Not Pictured). They took a van to Jefferson Morgan where the competed with five other schools: Albert Gallatin, Mapletown, Waynesburg, Brownsville, and of course Jefferson Morgan.

The day starts when names are drawn from a box and the students pick which debate and which side they want to argue for. The three topic of Debate on this day were Should Parents Be Required to Vaccinate their Children, Mask Mandates in Schools, and Should Crypto Currency Replace Debit and Credit cards. Due to the small size of our team, all the girls got to compete. Three Uniontown girls, Haley, Lizzie, and Isabelle, were on the pro vaccine requirement team while Julia argued against them on the con side. While all the girls made good arguments, the crowd voted in favor of the Pro side. The fifth Uniontown team member, Sadie, participated in the mask mandate debate on the pro side. Her team won after a heated debate.

As the debates concluded students were given a chance to mingle with their peers and competitors. Even though their enemies on stage, many find they have more in common than they do differences. They exchange socials and talk about good places to get lunch. As the Uniontown van heads home, the girls talk and laugh about the heated discussions of the day. They can’t wait for the next one. Lizzie even says “That was the most enjoyable activity of my high school careers.” If you interested in joining go talk to Mr. Svokos the next debate is scheduled for March twenty-fourth.

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