Faculty Superlatives

Seniors have superlatives for the yearbook each year, so we decided that the faculty should be included in the fun. A list of fourteen superlatives were distributed to the seniors to vote for the best male and female of each category.

Here are the results…

Gives the most homework: Mr. Brown, Mrs. Scott

Could be mistaken for a student: Mr. Girod, Mrs. Thomas

Toughest to get an A from: Mr. Brown, Mrs. Scott

Most memorable: Mr. Brown, Miss Marcinek

Most inspiring: Mr. Miller, Mrs. Gartley

Most likely to save the world: Mr. Fortugna, Mr. Miller, Mrs. Kriebel, and Mrs Lane

Most quotable: Mr. Brown, Mrs. Kriebel

Best storyteller: Mr. Svokos, Mrs. Jeffries

Best substitute:  Mr. Carson, Mrs McCarty

Most likely to catch a student texting: Mr. Brown, Mrs. Scott, and Mrs Jeffries

Best dressed: Mr. Rabatin, Miss. Marcinek

Best teaching method: Mr. Jeffries, Miss. Marcinek

Most creative: Mr. Gulich, Mrs. Gartley

Funniest: Mr. Brown, Mrs. Lane

Here are a few of the teachers that won.
Here are a few of our faculty.


Congrats to all the teachers and a big thanks to all the seniors who participated!

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  1. Actually, none of the teachers pictured at the end of this article won any of the superlatives and only one of the teachers pictured in the top photo won a superlative category. Just keeping some truth in your journalism!

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