Fayette County Special Olympics

UHS special education teacher, Mrs. Colebank, volunteers for the local Special Olympic team. She became involved with Special Olympics because her mom was the County manager and has been doing this for five years. What she enjoys most about working with the athletes is that they all smile and are in a great mood.

One of the best things that has happened to some of the athletes is earning a trip to Summer State games at Penn State Main Campus. They compete with athlete’s from all over the state. There’s even an opening ceremony and the torch is carried by runners all the way across Pennsylvania on its way to State games. It is currently on its way there for this years games.

Mrs. Colebank enjoys what she does she said, “The athletes make her day better.” The activities that are in the Special Olympics are track and field, basketball, swimming, soft ball, long distance running, bowling and bocce ball. The longest they run is the 50 meter dash and yes it is timed. The athletes get medals and rewards for doing the Special Olympics. There are 50 for bowling and 20 for track.

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