FCCTI: Learn a Trade and Start a Career

FCCTI? You are probably wondering what that stands for, let me help. Fayette County Career Tech Institute is a trade school that is given as a fill-in class for students in the Fayette area. Free education is offered to pursue college opportunities at a high school level. In this building you are met with unmatchable education and character development that you wont receive at a regular school.

Now why would you want to go to a trade school you may ask? With 17 different shops, the opportunities are endless. You have a wide variety from health to food to construction. Every shop has their own education benefit and you will get professionally certified. In just three years of high school you are given a real world job that some people wish they could have. You can also come to this school as an adult, but the program will not be offered free.

Attending the tech school has morphed my future in more ways than one, With receiving my nursing assistance degree, and soon to be accepting my phlebotomy and physical therapy aide degree. I will be graduating in the spring with three state certifications that I did not have to spend a dime on. Choosing this school has saved me roughly 3000 dollars, not including the cost that college students face with books, materials and etc. If you are given this opportunity, it could change your life like it has changed mine.

Don’t hesitate to get started, reach out today.

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