FCCTI Nursing

The Fayette career and technical institute is a door to open many opportunities. The schools encourage many to go based off the statistics of getting and receiving a job straight out of high school with your certification. The FCCTI Nursing program is very beneficial. If you are thinking about going to college or nursing, this school is for you. When it comes to taking tests to receive a certification, they are all paid for by the school. Being in the program early may also help you choose the career path you truly want to receive. Down below are some personal experiences I have received at the FCCTI school.

I am currently enrolled at the FCCTI school. “I have taken a Nursing Assistant course, I am currently taking a Emergency Medical Technician course, and lastly I will be taking a phlebotomy course.” With all of the classes and courses you are able to receive certifications for all of them. Starting off with my Nursing Assistant Course, I am on clinicals at Uniontown Rehabilitation center. That being said, with the nursing program you have to complete forty hours in a nursing home, and one hundred and twenty hours in a class room. Once both are completed, you will have to take a written test and a physical test. With that said, we will be given thirty minutes to complete five tasks assigned to you, that could be making a bed, giving a patient a bed bath, brushing teeth, using an ambulatory belt etc. If you mess up on a major part of the task, or forget, you may fail your test, resulting in you not receiving your certification or having to retest.

The other courses you are able to take is emergency medical technician, license practical nurse, physical therapy etc. “I am taking an Emergency medical class!” For this course you will need one hundred and eighty hours to be able to test (national registry). “With this course I am now certified in another level of CPR, I am able to use a BVM ( Bag Valve Mask).” This program is for people who don’t want to go to college, or for people who want to start an early education. The school is a technical school for early learners, and hands on learners. This is a great and early start to a bright future.

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