FDA Approves COVID Vaccine

After nearly a year of the corona virus pandemic, a vaccine has been approved to use for the public. While cases continue to rise, this is a monumental step in bringing this pandemic to an end. The first vaccine outside of a trial was given in Queens, New York yesterday to a healthcare worker. With New York having suffered a significant hit by the virus, they worked quickly to distribute it not long after it landed in the state.

Many Americans are still uneasy about the outcome of the virus having been developed so quickly. However, many scientists are stating that an allergic reaction to the vaccine is not likely to occur. It is now being processed and distributed at a quick pace. The vaccine approved is also just the first in hopefully a series of vaccines approved to defend the public against the virus.

The nurse in Queens receiving the vaccine.

This step in the right direction brings hope to the public as times become gloomier. These vaccines can end the war against the corona virus and help give us back our normal lives again. As for now, it is important that we still practice mask wearing and social distancing. This pandemic has not yet ended, so we must continue to work to keep each other safe.

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