Final Football Game

This years football season was a lot better than most and much better than last year. I believe this year the football team is 2-3 so far they still have there last game of the year and it is against LH so it is going be a tough game. It is also our senior night. The School is very proud of all its students and athletes for what they have done over they past 1-2 years of there school years dealing with COVID-19. It has been difficult for everyone not just students but everyone knows that most of the students really struggled especially during online learning.

So if the season was still on while we where doing online learning I don’t think it would have been very good for most football players. But I think if they really tried there love for the game would push them to do well to be able to play the game that they love. But meanwhile our Raiders are 2-3 the LH mustangs lead by Rodney Gallagher is currently 6-3 and also 4th in their section in the WPIAL.

This year is the first time the Red Raiders brought Uniontown a win in years so it was pretty special that they got to not only win one but two. More people are starting to go to the games it shows a lot of school pride and it gives our football team a lot more confidence when people are cheering them on.

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