Finding Ones True Self

They are questions we ask ourselves everyday from the moment our brains start to develop thought to the day we die. They are questions that are so easy to ask but so hard to actually answer. Who am I? What is my purpose? Is there a reason I am here? Will I add up to be anything? I know a little deep, right? Kinda scary to think about but it got your brain to start wondering didn’t it?

Those questions. That truth of who we are and why we are here are so essential that it’s absence tends to take a heavy toll on many people. Most of the time these thoughts can cause a lose in ones self, personal goals, and close relationships. However we must ask these questions to discover a truth, ones own personal truth. A truth that may cause discomfort before finally giving us a sense of freedom.

As humans we all tend to change the way we are to accommodate to others. Leaving us unable to tell what about ourselves is real or merely an act to please the people around us. Living a life where all we do is please others will leave an emptiness that can cost emotional development. We are only humans however so don’t stop living because of these thoughts. Continue to grow everyday and figure it out along the way. Not knowing the answers to these questions doesn’t mean you can’t live a very fulfilling life. It takes time and a lot of it. Some may be able to answer some of theses questions early on and there are some who never will.

During this quarantine and free time take it upon yourself to take care of your mind. Look within and try to find out who you are. Take some time and sit. Yes, just sit in silence and think about how the paint on your wall is nice or how you slept. Just take a minute and calm your mind. (If the quiet gives you anxiety I recommend listening to some piano music or older dance music) Realize who YOU are, not who you WANT to be. This is the time while no one is always watching to figure out who you truly are. Tear down your walls and give yourself a moment to breath because no one is forcing you be perfect while you are alone. Now go figure out what you are good at or not good at. Have some fun and don’t forget to smile.

This quarantine is the perfect time for one to search for these answers. Old and Young. Teens and Adults. Just takes a moment and breath. Remember you are perfect as you are. Give yourself time and relax.

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