First 2013 Softball Game

By: Victoria Forsythe

The Uniontown Lady Raiders Softball team has there first scrimmage game  Tuesday, March 12.  It is against Mapletown High School. We are very positive about this season. We are excited to win. We have been training and working really hard.

Our pitchers and catchers have been working very hard. Pitchers are getting there speed up and catchers are working on stopping the ball more.We have 3 pitchers which are Leighlyn Gutherie, Victoria Forsythe, and Jordan Gibson. Leighlyn is a freshman, Victoria is a sophomore, and Jordan is a junior.Our pitchers have been working really hard on different pitches and being consistent. We have been at the time out batting cages a lot and have been working a lot on hitting, bunting, and slap hitting.Last year, our team hurt in hitting and I don’t think we are gonna have that problem this year, because every Monday and Friday we go to the Time Out batting cages in Uniontown and work on hitting fast pitches and slow pitches. Some of us that are switch hitters, which mean we can hit both right and left work on both sides hitting and getting consistent. Lately at practice we have been working on what positions we are gonna play and stick to. A lot of us can play anywhere not just one spot.

Mapletown is coming to play us at our home field at Bailey Park. Mapletown is located in Greensboro, PA. Mapletown is not very high in sports and they are a small school. A lot of people doesn’t even know Mapletown High School exist but it does. But we are going to appreciate them when we play them and have good sportsmanship. Let’s get a win lady raiders!


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