First COVID Case of the New School Year

Parents and students were informed Wednesday, September 1, 2021 that the first COVID case was confirmed. This leaves many to question what will come next for this school year. Will this be just like the last? Will students have to wear masks? What happens next?

We have asked some students how they feel about this news. We’ve asked them questions like, “Where do you see this year heading?” and “Are you scared this year will be like the last?”. Teilea Toaisi -a 9th grader, stated, “No, I wouldn’t be scared because if it is like the last I will be sleeping. I’m use to wearing a mask.”

Also, we’ve asked some teachers the same questions. Mrs. Vance -a geometry teacher in room 128- stated, “I am really looking forward to this year with a positive attitude. Even though we are being mandated to wear masks again, I think that with so many of us being vaccinated it will all work out.” We may not know what will happen next, but we can always learn from what does.

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