Fishing Season is Upon Us

Spring is finally here and some students are excited about fishing season starting. There are many places in our area to participate in this activity. As you can see we have senior Hunter Price with a nice sized trout on his hook. This picture was taken at Dunlap Lake in Menallen Township. It was April 4th on a cloudy day so the fish were biting pretty well. Hunter was able to catch 18 trout in about three and a half hours.

There were many other people at Dunlap as the lake was recently stocked with fresh fish. The place was packed but everyone was having a good time. A lot of people were catching them to keep and eat.

Students who enjoy these outdoor activities are happy that fishing season is upon us. They are looking forward to going on fishing trips with their buddies and going around Fayette County to find spots and catch many different species of fish.

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