Focusing on the Good

There are many issues that students are dealing with such as anxiety, depression, bullies, anger, etc. It can be difficult for students who are dealing with these type of problems. The thing to keep in mind is that everyone goes through some kind of problem at some point in their life. My advice to it is to never give up and don’t let it beat you! BE STRONG! It is very easy to let depression beat you. Learn to recognize when you don’t feel like yourself and talk to someone about it. You do not want to miss out on opportunities because of anxiety or depression.

Have you ever received advice from an older generation such as a grandparent. They have life experience and have walked through these type of issues. They have good advice about how far you are going to get in life? Keep their words in mind and remember how happy they were and how good it made you feel. Don’t forget about those times when you were young and you did your first big thing that made you feel so good on the inside. Something like your first dance, sports game, good grade, anything! It made you feel good and you can use those memories to lift your spirits.

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