Foreign Exchange Students

This school year, Uniontown High School has welcomed two new students. These students are not just normal students, our new students are from France and Germany. The exchange students will be spending the entire school year with us, experiencing and hopefully enjoying UHS as well as America itself. We questioned the students about America, UHS/UHS sports, and Halloween.

Massacrier Lisa -France

Starting off, we asked Lisa about how she likes America. “I love to be in America, it’s different from France.” Next, we asked her if she likes her host family. “Yes, I really like my host family. They are really nice!” After that, we jumped into questions about UHS/UHS sports. Do you like the High School? “Yes, I do. I think this school is really cool!”. We asked if everything is different from your School at home. Lisa replied with, “Yes, it is. A few things that are different from UHS compared to schools in France are; we finish school at 6pm, the sport is not really important in French school, we don’t have football, but we have soccer. Also, we have almost eight classes everyday instead of just four.” When asked if she plays any sports, she said “Yes, I run Cross Country. A few sports that France doesn’t have are, Cross Country, Football, or Golf.” Since we are now into October, I decided to ask a few questions about Halloween such as: Do you celebrate Halloween in the country your from? “Yes, i do. It’s more for the little kids, and not a big deal in France.” I asked Lisa if haunted houses existed in her country. Her response was, “Yes, but it’s really not scary!”

 Mareye Hoelscher-Germany

Next, we asked Mareye the same questions, and her responses were:

“It is very nice here, but it is different than in my country. I like some shops here as well as some restaurants. My host family is the best I could ever have. They care a lot for me and they try their best for me to like it here and to have a great experience. The Uniontown High School is okay, but I can not compare the school with another in America because I have not visited another school. My school in Germany is very different. You can choose if you want to go to school until 10th grade or 13th grade. After 13th grade, you have your A-level and can go to a University. Also, my school starts at 8:10 am. On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday it ends at 4:00pm and on Tuesday it ends at 1:20pm. Every student has about twelve different classes. My classes are English, Latin, German, Chemistry, Biology, Math, Music, Physical Education, and Middle Child Development. One school lesson is about 45 minutes, after the 2nd and 4th lesson you have a 20 minute break. After the 6th lesson you have lunch. 11th, 12th, and 13th grade have only 20 minutes for lunch. Anyone under 11th grade has about an hour for lunch. Schools in Germany do not have physical teams like basketball. In my country every city has a team with different kinds of sports. Here in America I would like to be on the swim team, but I think it will be very hard every day (Monday-Friday) to swim for 2 and a half hours.”

When we asked Mareye about Halloween in her country she responded, “Only the small kids celebrate Halloween. At my age, we are going to clubs or doing nothing. It is not very important in my country.”  We then asked her about haunted houses in Germany. Her response was, “I don’t think we have ghost in our houses. I personally don’t believe in ghosts and I’m not really excited for the haunted houses here.”

Massacrier Lisa (left), Mareye Hoelscher (right)


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