Free Coffee Giveaway

Uniontown’s Coffee Shop, “Espresso Yourself Cafe” is starting something new. On Wednesday, October 27th, the baristas that ran the coffee shop went to the classroom that had the most orders and announced that they are doing a giveaway every week from now on.

Espresso Yourself Cafe is giving away two gift certificates, to two students, for a free coffee! This is something they will be doing every week. In order to win the gift certificate, your classroom has to have the most orders. If your classroom does order the most that week, they will give your teacher the two gift certificates and let them choose who gets it.

Every Wednesday they run the coffee shop with a variety of things to choose from. The options are coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. They make it however you want, and their prices are cheap too! So don’t forget to order from Espresso Yourself Cafe on Wednesdays!

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