French and Art Club Field Trip

Last Friday, April 29th, the French and Art Clubs both took a field trip together to Pittsburgh. This was the first French and Art Club field trip since the Covid-19 shutdown at the school. The trip consisted of visits to the Heinz History Center, Point Park, and the Fort Pitt Museum. Students on the trip were also able to choose their lunch from La Gourmandine, a French pastry and sandwich shop.

The first stop was the Heinz History center, but before they went inside students were allowed to get doughnuts from a shop called Peace, Love, and Little Doughnuts. Most students said what they bought was delicious. After, the clubs went inside of the Heinz History Center, which is full of the history of Pittsburgh. This includes sports, art, food, war, and even geographic history of Pennsylvania. There is also a vast amount of wax statues of famous Pittsburghers like Sidney Crosby, Mr. Rodgers, and war heroes from the Pittsburgh area like Carl Woods.

After the History center, students were given their food and the clubs had lunch in Point Park; it was a beautiful, warm day perfect for an outside lunch. They then went to the Fort Pitt Museum for a tour. The tour guide talked about the history of Pittsburgh and the great importance the town had in the French and Indian war and the American revolution. He also mentioned how connected the Fort Pitt area was to places close to the High School like Jumonville cross and Fort Necessity. After the tour, the students were also able to witness a test Musket firing, there was no bullet, just gunpowder set off. All around it was a fun time and a great learning experience.

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