Freshmen’s Thoughts on High School

August 26, 2013 was the first day for the class of 2017 starting their freshmen year. This year was a big change for a lot of students. Students were nervous, excited, anxious, and worried for their first big day in High School. Some comments from freshmen were that their first day was fun, good, and tiring. High School was a big change for some freshmen. They were surprised by how many people were in the halls, many more than in previous school years.  Freshmen had to get used to the new schedule with longer 90 minute class periods.  Some freshmen got lost but found there way with help from upper class men. Summer 2013 flew by very fast for this years freshmen. It was hard for everyone to leave summer. We asked some of the incoming freshmen class what their goals were for the year. Some of there goals are to make more friends, succeed in their classes, and enjoy their year. Freshmen have a long way to go until graduation, so enjoy each step of the way. Good luck to the Class of 2017, remember to always stay bright and just keep swimming.


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