Fun Things to do Over Christmas

Don’t know what to do for fun over Christmas break? No need to worry I got you covered! Our area has many activities planned for the holiday season. I found plans for everyone young and old to enjoy. Don’t let this article be your only resource of planning try looking for other stuff too!

If you aren’t afraid of the cold you can hit the Slopes of the Seven Springs or the Wisp. There is a free drive thru nativity scene on the 18th and 19th in Bruston, WV. You can take a drive around your area and look at Christmas lights. Pay it forward at a drive thru restaurant and make someones day. Taking a walk in the snow is a great way to enjoy the holiday with someone.

The inside offers a lot of fun opportunities for fun too! Have a holiday movie night and watch your favorite holiday movie. Make a new ornament for your tree. Create a Christmas card for nursing homes patients who don’t get any. Finally build a ginger bread house with your loved ones.

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