Gas Prices Skyrocket

In the last few weeks gas prices have been skyrocketing all over the world. Many countries have sanctioned off gas from one of the biggest suppliers Russia. This was due to their recent invasion of the country of Ukraine. Ukraine has been an ore supplier to the United states over the years as well. Losing this ore supplier affects things like roofing, paneling, and anything made from iron, copper, or aluminum.

Other items that are currently increasing is the price of general groceries. This has been seen not just in the American Economy but in almost every economy in the world. This rise in prices started when COVID hit making shipments hard to get around the world. To make things worse when a vaccination mandate was put out by both the Canadian and American governments there were huge protests and even a large group of truckers who traveled across America straight into the capital city to protest these regulations. Shipping workers are one of the most needed people in the world as of right now.

There is also a shortage of cars. Cars or their microchips are primarily manufactured in foreign countries. The manufacturing rate has slowed so much that some automobile companies are making less than half of the usual supply. Many dealerships around the world are seeing less and less cars come into their lots making them charge more for the ones they can get. Overall this situation seems to slowly be resolving itself and is going to be almost gone by 2024 as many people predict.

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