Gay and African American Rights

I believe that everyone should be treated the same. It shouldn’t matter who you love or what color your skin is. “Love the way you wanna love”, in my book, black or white, I still see you the same, no matter what age you are, you have a voice. I think you should also see it this way. 

Gay rights are especially important to me because of the people in my life. For example, my cousin, and my cheer coaches. I don’t see them any differently as I would if they chose the opposite gender. I love and cherish them the way they are, because I love the way they are. Love is love, it comes in many ways, but it’s love.

African American rights are also an important aspect in my life. There are so many people in my life who do have the same skin color as me and many who don’t. I love them the same, the exact same. they shouldn’t have to worry for their life going into everyday things. black lives matter just as much as any other skin color.

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