Gen Z, the Unstoppable Generation?

Generation Z may go down as one of the strongest generations. This generation grew up with the life changing invention of technology. They faced many challenges and the aftermath of previous generations before them. They were left to pick up the pieces. Let’s take a look at everything these young adults and teenagers have faced within the last few years.

Not only has this generation faced backlash for using an invention brought on by previous generations, but we have suffered much more mental illnesses, bullying and stress. Cellphones are in the hands of every young kid, from being a baby and watching shows on an iPad to being an adult with the brand new iPhone 13. Just in the last few years, depression rates have went up 25% since 2018. And that’s just ages 14-22. A device that was spoon-fed to us, has left four out of ten young people with severe depression. Most people suffering from depression will often have an addiction to their phone and use it as an outlet to pass time by for them. Not only has the depression rates gone up but anxiety and eating disorders are at an all time high. But this isn’t simply from having a phone in our hands, these rates are increased from COVID-19 as well. Eating disorders have gone up 15% and that’s just being diagnosed. That’s not including people who suffer them and not reach out for help.

Often times older generations just look at Gen Z and say we are too soft but the thing is, we aren’t. They grew up in a harmless world where as we grew up having each other at the ends of our finger tips any moment we wanted or needed. Our generation has struggled just to survive. The mental illnesses are proven facts that we didn’t choose this life but they chose it for us. Now not only does this generation fight their ground for what they want and deserve, but we also fight off the nonsense from previous generations. Millennials now in days, are the first to critique the young on what they are doing wrong, instead of looking at the big picture and realize we are fighting for a change. Not just for ourselves but for our kids future and for awareness to be brought to mental illnesses rather, than frowned upon. We are looking for change in this world and we aren’t gonna stop until we see something done about it.

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