Generation Z

What can older generations learn from Gen Z?

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As we all know, Gen Z is much different than the older generations. We think differently, act differently, and have different things than the other generations had that include technology. Technology is a big thing because they pretty much went from having nothing to us having all these electronical devices. And we all know how they feel about that.

We have already taught the older generations a lot so far. As I said before, technology is a big one. We teach our grandparents how to use smart phones correctly. I get asked this all the time by my grandmother, even my mother. We could also show them to be more open minded about things. Older generations act based on how they were brought up and don’t usually take in other new ideas.

Even though times have changed, the older generations can show us a few tips as well. They can showcase skills like cooking and crafting. We could learn a lot from them if we just take the time to talk. We might learn a few things you never knew.

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