George C. Marshall: Uniontown Native and U.S Army Chief of Staff

George Catlett Marshall was born on December 31,1880 in Uniontown PA. He went and graduated from our own Uniontown HS. After graduation he attended the Virginia Military Institute in 1900 and passed the final exam with a commission of Lieutenant in 1902. He went on to participate in the Philippine-American War as an infantry company commander, World War 1 particularly the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, where 2 other soldiers from Uniontown also served but lost their lives, as an aid to General Pershing with his ranks being Major in 1917 and LT. Colonel in 1918.

During the interwar years he orchestrated the largest modernization of troops in US history after his promotion to US Army Chief of Staff post World War 1. During the 2nd World War he turned the fortyfold turnout of civilian recruits to the army into a professional fighting force for service in Europe as well as picking and recommending many of the major army Generals of the war such as Bradley and Patton. After the war was won he devised a way to rebuild Europe known as the Marshall Plan which provided the countries that took part in the war, both allies and axis,billions of dollars to rebuild their totaled economies.

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