Notable Native: George C. Marshall

By: Kean Calloway

George was Americas foremost solider during War World II. He served as Chief and Staff from 1939-1945. He built and directed the largest army in history. He was also Secretary of state from 1947-1949. George has a banner on the side of a building in downtown Uniontown to honor him.

Marshall’s father owned his own coal mining business in Pennsylvania. But as a boy Marshall did not want to continue the family business but instead join the army. He enrolled at the Virginia Military Institute from where he graduated in 1901 First captain of the corps of cadets. After serving in the Philippines and the United States he graduated with honors from the Infantry Calvary school in 1907.

In his position as chief and staff Marshall urged military readiness prior to the attack of Pearl Harbor 1n 1941. Later he became responsible for the building, supplying, and (in part) the deploying of over 8 million people. In 1941 he was a member of the policy committee that supervised the atomic studies engaged in by the British and the American scientists. After the war was over Marshall resigned in November, 1945.

George Marshall is very important in Fayette county and we take him and the things he has done for us seriously. His traits of honesty and candor gained the trust of millions of Americans and the respect of world leaders during his 50 years of self service . After winning the Nobel Peace Prize, He died in 1959 leaving a legacy that inspires world leaders today.


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