Gun Control is Not the Answer

I am sure that everybody is aware of what happened a few days ago in New Town, Connecticut. The mass shooting was a tragedy, and many young, innocent children were killed in this incident. The big topic now is about gun control and what the government plans to do about the general public being allowed to own these guns.
A study of mass shootings nationwide indicated that when there was a mass shooting and it was stopped by a legally armed civilian, there was an average of 2 deaths, but when a mass shooting was stopped by Police/S.W.A.T, there was an average of 18 deaths. So if the government tries to push for gun control, in turn we will more than likely have more deaths by mass shootings.
Personally, I am against gun control and believe that doing this will make no difference to the shootings. If anything, this will endanger families and innocent civilians because the government will be putting new rules and regulations on guns trying to keep civilians from purchasing larger guns like semi-auto rifles and pistols. Most people buy these weapons to protect their family from criminals and any other dangers. If the government tries to stop them from purchasing these weapons, they will not be able to protect themselves, but the criminals will still have these semi-auto rifles because they will do whatever they can to get them. Breaking the law means nothing to them. Therefore, gun control laws may make people feel better but will actually do nothing to really make us safer.


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