Hair Mats Help Clean Up Oil Spills

Matter of Trust is an organization that uses recycled hair to make mats that can clean up oil in a eco-friendly way. On January 15th, 2022 11,900 barrels of oil were spilled into the ocean of Peru and effected twenty of the nearby beaches. The people at Matter of Trust are trying to convince the government to use their hair mats for this situation.

The mats they make are from recycled and donated hair from people, animal fur, wool, and fleece. It is then put on a machine to be felted. The mats are hydrophobic so once in the water it will soak up all the oil. When pulled out it will drain the now clean water and capture the spilled oil.

Companies have said that the hair mats become too heavy and will sink to the bottom of the ocean so they refuse to use them. But these same companies spray dispersants in the water to dissolve the oil and push it towards the ocean floor. Leaving the oil and chemicals in the water can cause people to get sick and the same goes for the animals in the ocean.

Using the hair mats may take time to retrieve but they are a more eco-friendly solution than the chemicals they are using currently. Once retrieved they will be incinerated and replaced with new hair mats because there is a plentiful supply of non-used hair. If you would like to donate your hair to this cause please check out more details at

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