Halloween Safety

Halloween is a well-loved holiday across the country. It is traditionally celebrated by younger kids, typically aged 13 and under, dress up in fun costumes and go door-to-door knocking and getting handed out candy. While this is seen as fun and exciting for kids, a lot of parents can see major issues with this event. Things such as kidnapping and drugging have been known to happen over the years. These aren’t extremely common things to occur, but they do happen.

For children, the best thing to do to lessen your chance of something dangerous happen, always go out on Halloween with an adult and make sure you guys don’t drift too far apart. A common thing to do is to wear glowstick if you plan on staying out late. A big thing for parents is to safely check children’s candy for any sign of the packages being opened, as this can be a sign that the candy has been messed with.

As kids start to get into their high school years, they lose interest in trick or treating and want to found other ways to spend this fun holiday. A lot of high school teens are interested in Halloween parties. These can be very fun and a good memory to look back on, but they can also be unsafe as well as trick or treating. Some people may want to bring alcohol into these parties, which is the major concern. Not only is it unsafe for teenagers to be drinking, but the risk of drunk driving gets very high. The two major ways to prevent this are; 1.) Not drinking at all. You may think that people will see you as lame, but chances are, no one cares if you choose not too. 2.) Always have a designated driver or a plan of where you’re going to stay that night. Most parents and adults highly discourage teens to not drink, but it isn’t always 100% preventable, so you just need to choose to make safe decisions.

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